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Glass. One of the most mysterious and beautiful materials in the world. Impervious to the elements and appears either transparent or translucent. The combination of two techniques, Fused Glass and Stained Glass, is unusual and even a bit controversial, but these techniques allow the creation of unique, one of kind glass art designs that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Glass Art Designs provides a unique method for utilizing glass art to enhance your home, office or business. It can add privacy without compromising light. It can be permanent or mobile. It can be functional and visual art simultaneously. The design possibilities are limited only by our imaginations. Commissioned glass art design pieces can have as much or as little involvement by the customer as desired.

Explore the possibilities of Glass in the following pages and feel free to e-mail or call so we can start the process of beautifying your personal or professional space.

Considering becoming a glass artist yourself? 
Visit this page of my website regarding equipment and materials for sale.